At Cue Labs, we make good health affordable and accessible to the marginalized communities and society at large. With active fieldwork, dedicated research and recognition of the efforts of those who work behind the scenes to combat illness and disease, we help as many people as we can to ensure their right to good health.


Cue Labs is a responsible and caring pharmaceutical company that is aware of its duty towards environment, health and safety. The company promotes environmental protection and insists on complying with all applicable environmental regulations. Every measure is taken for the prevention of pollution across the company. These include planning for energy-saving and conservation of natural resources.


Health, education, water, livelihood, environment and disaster relief are some of our key priorities in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We also help conduct trainings in vocational skills for communities and undertake local-level community programmes that are need based.



Partnering with Customers

Cue Labs strongly believes that real value can only be added by actually partnering customers to develop solutions which best meet the customers’ requirements.

The Company has been internally evaluated on customer satisfaction and that is the most important metric for us. We understands that in today’s market customers have a choice, so it makes efforts to provide the best service to those who exercise their choice in us. Accordingly, Cue Labs adopts a long term approach and invests appropriately.


Dedicated Team

The core team at Cue Labs comes with a combined experience of more than 15 years across different links in the pharmaceutical value chain. We know that to be a successful company we must work together, frequently transcending organizational and geographic boundaries to meet the changing needs of our customers. We require all our colleagues to contribute to the best of their ability, individually and in teams.

At Cue Labs our people are the most important assets. Through constant upgrading of knowledge, skills and emphasis on creative contribution, our employees are able to excel in every aspect of their work to eralise their own potential.

“We value teamwork ‑ Working together to achieve common goals is the foundation of Cue Labs success”